Welcome to Picket Pin Resources, LLC

Picket Pin Resources is engaged in the exploration of Platinum Group Metals (PGM’s) in one of the two best known locations on planet earth.  Specifically, the company controls the “Picket Pin” PGM Horizon (layer) located within the Stillwater Complex near Nye, Montana, U.S.A.  The Stillwater Complex is analogous to the Bushveld Complex, in that both have PGM mineralizion in multiple horizons within the overall stratigraphy. This leads us to believe there is great potential in these specific mineral rights and have commenced this project with a direct objective to verify the future mineral prospects.

Project Assay Highlights:

Grab Sample = 8 ppm (Pt+Pd+Au), 0.56% Cu, 0.24% Ni

Chip Sample (1.5 meters) = 4.68 ppm (Pt+Pd+Au), 0.3% Cu, 0.14% Ni

Commerical Application